How to increase profits by increasing engagement in 6 steps.

There are some brilliant engagement metrics available.  If you can it’s a good idea to choose or create one that measures the aspects of engagement your company is specifically interested in.  And nothing else – best to avoid the irony of disengaging busy colleagues...

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Why CREAM rises to the top at work, home & play

My earlier blog Your Mood: the Great Game Changer talked about the impact of positive emotions on individuals’, leaders’ and companies’ success.  This piece expands on the reasons why positivity delivers, and the scale of improvement that some people and their...

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Learning To Love Public Speaking

In my last blog I summarised techniques that make a huge difference to your public speaking effectiveness. Superhero confidence is at least as important. Technique and confidence affect each other in real time.  If one is good it boosts the other, and as many readers...

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Being Great At Public Speaking

Finding your SCZ Not all of us can have our audiences hanging on our every word, breathless with anticipation, or convulsing with laughter at our latest pithy quip.  But all of us can find our own Speaker Comfort Zone where we do the best job we personally are capable...

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