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This December 2019 Graham is running Strategy Sessions online and in Manchester. These are our complimentary working sessions open to all business leaders – whether you are completely new to us or Graduates from one of our programmes – we’d love to welcome you at one.

What are the key drivers of high-performance cultures?
Turns out, there are five:

  1. Extraordinary Performers – Every employee at or approaching the top of their game.
  2. Courageous Accountability – Dedication to hitting targets, achieving agreed outcomes, and facing up to tough choices.
  3. Emotional Engagement – Pride and even love for the business releasing abundant discretionary effort.
  4. Positive Leaders – Inspiring others to high performance through positive emotional impact.
  5. Exceptional Outcomes – Leadership, culture and engagement combining to release the full potential of the corporation.

When you get these 5 things right you have an organisation that’s at the top of its game, the kind of place talent wants to work, and delivering the financial performance shareholders are looking for.

We will help you measure your department or corporation against these five Performance Culture Strengths. And that is just the start …

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Dec 11

Webinar 10:00 (CET)

Dec 11

Manchester 14:00 (GMT)

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