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Long story short

We use Applied Psychology in business to help our clients be more successful.  We’ve been doing it since May 2000, via L&D programmes, coaching & mentoring, and keynote speaking.  And for almost 18 years we have always delivered or exceeded the client’s brief.

New Impetus International Ltd is an independent company with bases in Cheshire and Copenhagen.  We work with companies of all sizes, mostly in the UK, Continental Europe, and a bit in the USA and Middle East.

Graham Keen is a positive psychologist with previous experience as CFO, entrepreneur, and corporate finance practitioner.  He founded the company to create and deliver services solidly based on hard evidence.

our clients

We want our clients to engage us because of a compelling business case: investing in our services being justified by generous financial returns.  So we put a lot of effort into keeping up with research that can be applied commercially and our methods are constantly evolving and improving.

We tend to work in the areas of Performance Improvement, Engagement, Sales Excellence, Leadership, Culture and Zest-for-life.  However we cover all areas of business where people want to think, feel or behave differently.

Our senior Team

Graham Keen
Founder of New Impetus International

Inspirational business psychologist Graham Keen trained in positive psychology with Prof Martin Seligman in 2003.  Taken together with Graham’s earlier experience as plc CFO and corporate finance practitioner, this brings a unique combination of skills.

Graham is an energising tutor and speaker. He is warm but direct, passionate, and occasionally hilarious. Delegates are engaged by Graham’s empathy and insight into what’s going on in their minds. He has the knack of telling surprising and uncomfortable truths in a way that inspires acceptance and ignites action.

He has a 20 year track record of winning even reluctant people’s buy-in to change, and consistently improving patterns of organisational behaviour.

email: graham.k@grahamkeen.com

Katy Sands
Director of Operations

Since 2002 Katy has been responsible for keeping New Impetus International up to date with emerging psychological research in our areas of interest. Katy also leads operations in relation to client programmes and our franchisees, and is our Head of Marketing. Katy’s early background was as a research graduate with masters degrees in Social Anthropology and Information Management.

email: katy.s@grahamkeen.com

Rebecca Hanna
Business Development and Client Relations Manager

New Impetus International became Rebecca’s client in 2016, and the results she consistently delivered were so outstanding we worked hard to persuade her to join us full time.  To our delight she happily did so in early 2017, bringing her talent and 7 years of Business Development and Account Management experience. Responsible for new business, managing tutor diaries and client relations, she is key to our business growth plans. Rebecca’s enthusiasm and intuitive feel for our work at New Impetus International makes her a perfect fit.

Call: (+44) 07701 309889
email: rebecca.h@grahamkeen.com

Henrik Hansen Managing Partner of GKP Denmark

GKP Denmark is our Danish GKP Partner offering a full range of management and personal development training, including New Impetus, in Northern Europe. Henrik has been working in people development for the last 28 years, including a long and successful senior management career at Canon. He is an engaging, empathetic and passionate tutor and presenter with an exceptionally warm personality and a dedicated exponent of supporting your successes in both your business and private lives.

email: heh@gkp.dk

call: +45 40 16 51 31

Guy Munnoch Managing Partner of Rupert Morgan Ltd

Rupert Morgan Ltd is our partner in the area of strategic leadership. Led by Guy Munnoch and incorporating our New Impetus technology. Guy combines three rare skill sets: senior leadership in the military, CEO of a listed company, and adventurer having conquered both poles, the Sahara Marathon, and Everest in recent years. Currently a non executive director of several very large companies including chairman of Hitachi

email: guy@rupert-morgan.com

call: +44(0)7969 082165

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