What’s Holding Back Your Sales?

Here’s a bit of a checklist of some psychological aspects of selling that catch us all out from time to time. I hope it might sow a few seeds as to how you can get your team closer to where you’d ideally like them to be.Here’s a bit of a checklist of some...

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Sales Simplified – The Golden Rules

Continuing our mission to demystify sales, particularly for non-sales professionals with a sales role, here are the promised golden rules.  They are simple and their impact is guaranteed. Trigger Positive Emotions Top performing sales people excel at Grace: using...

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Selling Professional Services

Sales: the essential activity from which all growth, even survival itself, is achieved. It’s a very harsh value delta (to use an old sales theory term). Without selling, revenue shrinks, resulting in the loss of ground against the competition at the very least. On the...

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Your Mood: The Great Game Changer

The emotional state and performance How smart you are depends on your mood. Yes really. As a concept, this seems both absurd and common sense in equal measure. Think of the things you regret doing or saying when you are angry, your inability to think straight during...

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Which Do I Need: Coach, Mentor, Life-coach, or Counsellor?

“The only mistake you can make is not asking for help,” so said American cardiologist and writer, Sandeep Jauhar. And I won't argue with that. When deciding to reach out, knowing exactly who to reach out to can be confusing. Coaches, Life-Coaches, Mentors, and...

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